A little more about our T3 AERO+ OVERSHOES

Designed for PBs and racing where UCI sock & overshoe regulations don't apply - the extra height in the T3 Aero+ Overshoe amplifies the streamline shape making them ideal for smashing Time Trial course records. The unique trip seam transition system reduces drag with savings of up to 10 Watts at 50km/h over tested competitor garments. Want to go even faster? Our custom fit service is included. Book an appointment at our Lincoln HQ or contact us for a remote fitting session, and we’ll create a bespoke overshoe pattern to maximise gains for your unique geometry.


I've used so many different overshoes, and tested a lot of them too, and the T3 Overshoes from Impsport are second to none when it comes to fit and usability. There is nothing more annoying than overshoes that fall down mid race knowing they're slowing me down, but these have never slipped at all which is perfect for what I want and need!


George Fox of George Fox Cycling Solutions. Professional aero bike fit & coaching for cyclists & triathletes.


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Who should wear this garment

Wear this garment to maximise gains on non-UCI race days.

And, wear this garment if you require the fastest overshoe available, custom fitted to your exact requirements for ultimate speed.

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product features


Super Slip Aero Stretch: 56% PA 14% EA 30% PU

235 gram ultra-low drag fabric with a high stretch threshold for added mouldability and aerodynamic shaping.

The T3 Aero+ Overshoe is a race-specific garment designed to offer the rider maximum performance. This includes full coverage of the heel section of the shoe. To prolong the life of the garment and to maintain performance it should be removed when not on the bike and not be subjected to abrasion from walking.


For an optimal fit and to ensure full UCI compliance we highly recommend our custom fitting service which is included free of charge. Book at appointment at the Impsport Lincoln HQ or arrange for a remote fitting session by contacting the team.

Product codes & sizes

CY04059905 - T3 Aero+ Overshoes