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Pro-Noctis – 200 Degrees Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting

Tuesday, 12th March 2024

Impsport are delighted to announce our newest collaboration with the Pro-Noctis – 200 Degrees Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting team, a partnership that underscores our collective commitment to advancing women's cycling. The team's inaugural season in 2021 marked their emergence as the foremost women's team in the UK. In 2022, they reinforced this distinction by capturing both the Tour Series and National Circuit Series titles, cementing their position as frontrunners in women's cycling.


As part of this partnership, Impsport will supply the team with our premium custom cycling kit, ensuring they race in style and comfort across the UK and Europe throughout 2024.


Image: FinishlineRT/Through the Lens 2024 - Team Camp Girona


Love the kit. Support the team:

The official replica team kit is available now from the Impsport Shop including the T2 jersey (as worn by the team) and the #morethanateam cycling cap and snood. A full range of jersey, bibshort and jacket sizes are available including mens and womens specific fits.


New team website:

Explore the latest race updates, in-depth squad interviews, or grab a discount code for sponsors products on the new team website


Unleash the potential of your team:

Impsport has been at the forefront of providing premium custom cycling apparel for elite cyclists since the late 1970s. Our commitment to excellence has made us the go-to choice, from Tour de France champions to national teams and professional riders. Our custom kits have graced some of the most prestigious events in the cycling world, showcasing both style and performance. Explore the possibilities for outfitting your team with our high-performance gear that blends style and functionality seamlessly. Contact Impsport today to find out what we can do for you.